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Smart Gifts For Dog Lovers: 15 Unique Ideas

Posted on March 3, 2023 by Smartgiftai

Smart Gifts For Dog Lovers: 15 Unique Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover? Something unique, practical, and sure to make them smile? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 15 smart gifts for dog lovers that will be a hit.

Personalized Dog Breed Pillow

Consider a personalized dog breed pillow for the ultimate cosy addition to any dog lover’s home. These soft and stylish pillows come in various breeds and can be customized with the recipient’s dog’s name.

Smart Gifts For Dog Lovers: 15 Unique Ideas

Automatic Ball Launcher

An automatic ball launcher is a perfect gift for the busy dog owner who wants to keep their pup entertained. These devices can throw balls long distances, providing hours of fun for dogs who love to play fetch.

Interactive Pet Camera

An interactive pet camera is an excellent choice for dog owner who hates leaving their furry friend home alone. These devices allow owners to see and talk to their dogs and even dispense treats remotely.

Custom Dog Portrait

Consider commissioning a custom dog portrait for a truly unique and personal gift. Many talented artists specialize in creating realistic and beautiful images of pets.

Dog DNA Test

A dog DNA test is an excellent option for the curious dog owner who wants to know more about their furry friend’s breed and ancestry. These tests can provide information about a dog’s breed makeup and potential health risks.

Automatic Water Bowl

An automatic water bowl is a smart choice for the forgetful dog owner who sometimes needs to remember to refill their dog’s water bowl. These bowls can be connected to a water source and fill themselves as required.

Customized Dog Collar

Consider a customized dog collar for a personalized touch that’s both practical and stylish. These collars can be embroidered with a dog’s name or a personal message.

Smart Dog Feeder

An intelligent dog feeder is an excellent option for the dog owner who wants to ensure their pup always has access to food, even when they’re not home. These devices can dispense food at specific times or on command.

Doggy Subscription Box

A doggy subscription box is a perfect gift for the dog owner who loves surprises. These boxes are filled with toys, treats, and other goodies that wag any dog’s tail.

Pet Hair Remover

A pet hair remover is a must-have for the dog owner who’s tired of constantly cleaning up pet hair. These devices can quickly and easily remove hair from furniture, clothing, and other surfaces.

Doggie Bathrobe

A doggie bathrobe is a fun and practical gift for the stylish dog owner who wants their pup to look their best at all times. These soft and cosy robes can help keep dogs warm after a bath or on chilly days.

Smart Dog Collar

A smart dog collar is an excellent choice for the tech-savvy dog owner who wants to keep track of their pup’s activity and location. These collars can track a dog’s movements, provide health insights, and even alert owners if their dog leaves a designated area.

Pet-Friendly Air Purifier

A pet-friendly air purifier is an intelligent choice for dog owner who wants to keep their home clean and fresh. These devices can remove pet dander, allergens, and odours from the air, improving the air quality and overall home smell.

Doggie Backpack

A doggie backpack is an excellent gift for the adventurous dog owner who loves to take their pup on hikes and other outdoor adventures. These backpacks allow dogs to carry their supplies, such as water, food, and toys, making it easier for owners to travel with their pets.

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Pet-friendly cleaning products are a must-have for the eco-conscious dog owner who wants to keep their home clean without harming the environment or their furry friend. These products are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for pets and the planet.

With these 15 intelligent gift ideas for dog lovers, you’ll find the perfect present for the dog lover in your life. Whether practical, personalized or just plain fun, these gifts will surely make any dog owner happy.


In conclusion, finding the right gift for a dog lover can be challenging, but with these 15 smart gift ideas, you will find something that will make the owner and their furry friend happy. From personalized pillows to high-tech collars, these gifts are practical, fun, and sure to be a hit.


  1. What is the best gift for a dog lover?
  • The best gift for a dog lover depends on their preferences and needs. However, some great options include personalized dog breed pillows, automatic ball launchers, and customized dog collars.
  1. What are some unique gift ideas for dog owners?
  • Some unique gift ideas for dog owners include commissioning a custom dog portrait, purchasing a dog DNA test, and gifting a pet-friendly air purifier.
  1. Are pet-friendly cleaning products effective?
  • Yes, pet-friendly cleaning products can be just as effective as traditional cleaning products while being safe for pets and the environment.
  1. Do doggie backpacks come in different sizes?
  • Yes, doggie backpacks come in various sizes to fit dogs of different breeds and sizes.
  1. What should I consider when choosing an intelligent dog collar?
  • When choosing a smart dog collar, consider factors such as the collar’s activity-tracking capabilities, GPS functionality, and compatibility with other devices and apps.



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